Introceptual Ghostland

Be transported to alternate spaces.

"A collaborative project: 9 artists, 10 site-specific vignettes along the "tour" route of an interactive, public theatrical show in Bushwick/Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY". The show was presented twice at the Bushwick Biennial 2009 and Conflux Festival 2009. Participants where lead on a journey through the streets of Buckwick, a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, with tour guide Sean Wrenn (also known as scrapworm). Improvisational music and dance performances were interwoven with the cityscape as participants meandered through the tour. Sean's tour framed the performance with commentaries on consciousness, reality, and metaphysics. Henken performed movement as a character who beckoned the participants into an alternate dimension, a world of dream-time, in order to recognize that this is merely one way of perceiving the world as it is.

Performed at:

Bushwick Biennial
nurtureArt gallery
Brooklyn, NYC
::: June 6th, 2009


Conflux City
Brooklyn, NYC
:::September 20th, 2009