Improvisational movement and spoken word.

Philadelphia Contact Collective performed at Festivus, 2009 showcasing their ongoing exploration of contact improvisation. Wellspring uses the physical manifestations of support as Contact dancers to research the theme of support on literal and figurative levels. The piece was developed over a period of several months with weekly rehearsals that were mini improvisational dances. Each time the dance was performed the structure was refined, until the ending result was a improvisational dance with a beginning middle and end. Each state had a different "rule set" or "Framework" within which the dancers could explore spontaneous movement and spoken word. Dancers: Jenny Sawyer, Lee Fogel, Kate Speer, Rowen Haig, and Henken Bean. 

Performed at:
The Arts Parlor 107 South St.  Philadelphia, PA


Wellspring from Philly Contact Collective on Vimeo.