You Are The Other

Urban gentrification in a psychological landscape.

A performance exploring Gentrification and urban environments, created by Joy Mariama Smith (Your Name Here Collective) in collaboration with Henken Bean. Silent negotiation was the crux of this piece. The main structure was mirroring and following. Without set roles for leader or follower it was an exploration who takes the first action and who makes the reaction. During a three month period Joy lead an improv. workshop in South Philadelphia to help garner inspiration and ideas for the piece. Next, both dancers took a trip to Baltimore, a location where both had strong ties, and video taped pedestrian movement throughout streets in borderline neighborhoods, recently affected by rising gentrification. The resulting performance incorporated the improvisational movement structure mentioned above presented in front of the projected video of Baltimore. 
Performed at:
Kingsbourough Community College
Queens, NYC
Arts Salon
South Philadelphia