Who I am

I am a strategic partner on any project no matter the size because I am able to bring my knowledge of the business, network, and insights about the customer to help prioritize what is built. Prioritization takes collaboration and most importantly compromise. This is where I come in. Design that is memorialized on my computer screen or stuck to a wall are lovely pictures. If it doesn’t get in the hands of customers, it’s wasted effort. Knowing when to advocate hard (or harder) in service of the customer for decisions based on budget, time, market changes, and stakeholders is core to my ethos. Knowing when to evolve things in a later phase is also not lost on me, nor when to abandon an old idea because the business has changed or research proved it wasn’t a resonant.

My skillset involves inventing new ways of doing things based on existing technology, usability, navigation design, and systems thinking. The products I have designed include television interfaces, mobile applications, voice products, and responsive websites. I have a good eye for information visualization, which strengthens my storytelling abilities. I believe in content first design; as in you should organize customer needs and words before starting with the final design. This allows you to build thoughtful, useful, and enjoyable products. I am naturally curious and interesting in solving problems while learning along the way. I enjoy working with others to architect, design, build and share digital experiences that improve quality of life.

What I do

  • I lead high-performing UX design teams to deliver innovative digital experiences by learning about them and matching projects with existing skills and growth areas, cheerleading, getting out of the way or digging in when it calls for either.
  • I also am an observer. Many of us use digital products many times per day. I am looking, listening, and designing in my head often.  
  • I love the collaborative nature of my job. When working closely together from the beginning with Product, Engineering, Marketing, Content and Research teams, I find we get to a much better solution than alone. Innovation takes teamwork, it’s not a one person job. 


Associate Creative Director, Comcast

I lead a team of designers who design and scale a new strategy and navigation system for the Xfinity App. The app is a central channel of the Xfinity ecosystem. It provides a way to get the most value out of the services you subscribe. Our designs are easy to use, helpful, and personalized. They allow you to complete vital tasks, discover new ways to interact with existing services, and grow your relationship with Xfinity.


Lead Journey Designer, Comcast

Worked to improve journeys across the Comcast customer lifecycle by identifying gaps and opportunities, uncovered customer and employee pain points, created a UX vision, and developed roadmap recommendations.


Product Manager, Applied AI, Summer of Code, Comcast

Worked in agile development to create a proof of concept for the Xfinity Assistant: a language-based assistant that helps with account management and troubleshooting. Developed use cases, wrote user stories, analyzed customer statements to improve the Natural Language Processing of the assistant. 


Art Director, Comcast 

Managed two designers and led UX for several apps and websites including the Xfinity My Account app, with over 18 Million downloads. Partnered with UX Research to test key experiences with customers prior to launch. Worked with development and product management to build designs and deploy.


Sr. UX Designer, Huffington Post

Responsible for design for a new streaming application for Huffington Post: HuffPost Live on iPad and web.


Sr. UX Designer, Comcast 

Responsible for TV guide user interfaces and streaming apps.


Designer, Fastspot 

Assisted in the production and design of websites within the Edu space.


UX Designer, Enhanca

UI design and production for websites.