Xfinity App Redesign

Xfinity App, New Design

The Xfinity App allows for customers to manage their service, troubleshoot, and interact with Xfinity Internet features like pausing the internet and setting up family settings to manage the WiFi.

Proposed and designed new features like Top Actions; links to the top things that customers do for quick access. Top Actions leverages Machine Learning to map the top things that customers do. This feature feature drove an engagement rate lift with the main page of the app. Created a new tab, Services, which aggregates all the main products for troubleshooting and management purposes.

The old app

xFi App, Old Design

The reason for the change

We wanted to consolidate the Xfinity My Account app, the xFi (internet) app and the Xfinity Mobile apps under one main app for connectivity. This was based on user feedback over having to maintain too many apps for all services under their one account.

Consolidated Xfinity Apps

Our principles

By drafting experience principles, we wanted to set ourselves up for a framework to design within. This also helped us align key navigational questions around how to group like categories and develop a hierarchy and roadmap.

Our Design Principles

The need to reorganize

The new navigation elevated the account section of the app while merging functionality from the Xfinity My Account app onto this tab. “Connect” as a tab name tested poorly with customers and was renamed to WiFi. This left us with a need to integrate our Xfinity mobile app and functionality. In order to provide an area for both mobile and TV to live, we created the Services tab.

The new navigation
1. Overview > Overview
2. Connect > WiFi
3. People > (grouped under WiFi)
4. Home > Security
5. new tab = Services
6. new tab = Account

The impact:
Increased engagement on Overview tab by 22%
Increased daily active users
Increased engagement with Account tab
Increased in-app bill payments

Led team of 6 Designers (UX)
Content strategy
User Research
Product management
Technology designed for customers

2022, Customer Homepage, Account Menu, Customer Product Page

The site for existing customers hosts roughly millions of unique visitors per month. These users come to the website for a variety of reasons, including vital account-management tasks like paying their bill, getting support for existing products, and making changes to their plan. Through this program, I was responsible for design for the main navigation, core product pages, a notifications platform, and the existing customer homepage.

The goal was to showcase the value of a customer’s plan in order to increase lifetime value, decrease churn, drive existing customers sales through personalized upsell moments, and increase engagement with highly-used, vital features like billing and support.

Old Site (Pre-2022)

Old, Customer Homepage Page
Old, Customer Product Page

The challenge

We found that customers have the same mental modal when servicing their account as to when they are buying a product or service: organized by the product line. Also the engagement rate for any link other than email and search was less that 1% on the homepage. At the time this homepage promoted our entertainment content.

Changes based on research

Made the main navigation the same for sales and service.
Changed the homepage to reflect new Xfinity products.
Revamped the service pages to include some merchandizing spots.
Moved all account-related features to the side navigation.
Kept a main menu with our core product lines.

Led team of 4 Designers (UX & visual)
Content strategy
User Research
Product management

Friends Mix: A feature idea for YouTube Music


This is a feature idea for YouTube Music Premium. The main algorithm for showing a customer their suggested “Mixes” and “Supermixes” could be augmented with a mix of “Supermixes” from different friends who opt into a combined “Friends Mix” list. While listening to the song, the app could identify which friend’s Supermix the song was suggested from. The new algorithm for Friend’s Mixes is a combination of the Supermixes of all the friends that have opted in.


Note: this is not an actual design from Google, but an idea by Henken Bean., IA & content strategy


I created an information architecture, content framework, and navigation for the site. I lead design for experiences and flows for the e-commerce funnel, account management space, and targeted product-education in order to reimagine the ecosystem. 

Reimagining the end-to-end journey of moving in-home services


I mentored a designer and an intern in crafting a strategic recommendation for the future of the moves experience with Comcast. We identified opportunities, gaps, and pain points across all journeys and touch-points for the Comcast moves experience. We crafted customer journeys and recommendations based on data-driven personas and real-world gaps and opportunities to bring the current experience to life. We crafted a 3-year vision of the moves experience, inclusive of journey map, UX designs, and prototypes to present back to the business. We came up with a view of prioritized roadmap recommendations and led workshops with the product management team to gather feedback and align on direction.

My key invention

Synthesized a pain-points map and created user scenarios to help hold a product management stakeholder roadmap workshop. I also drafted the roadmap for the year for the moves experience. I invented an alert to notify the customer that the modem was unplugged and ask would like to move so they could get directly into the digital moves flow.

Lead Designer

Cross-Functional Collaborators
Business Leadership, Marketing, Field Ops, CX, and Product Management

  • Journey Design
  • Pain Points Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Future Vision Journey Mapping
  • User Scenario Mapping
  • Roadmap and Recommendations
  • User Research  

Making it easy to order online and pick up in a store


The ability for people who are joining Xfinity to pick up their equipment in a store that is convenient for them. I led design for the feature and wrote user stories with acceptance criteria. I worked with development, product, testing and legal to deploy.

My key invention: leverage existing patterns to speed up the build process, test in the market, and drive up NPS for this flow by over 40 pts. I also did a roadshow of a prototoype I build across the different systems that were integrated, showcasing employee and customer tools.

Role: Lead Designer
Cross-Functional Collaborators: Product Management, Engineering

Empowering sales agents with tools to make their jobs easier


Led a team of UX designers in the creation of a platform for phone agents to process orders online; replacing older software and increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction. I partnered with product management and engineering to build and deploy. I led an engagement with an external UX Research vendor to test the MVP with phone agents in their natural call-center environment as well as observe and document their sales-process and tool usage. I managed 2 designers in crafting high fidelity prototypes, user experience, and visual design.

My key invention: Proposing user research with field agents to see their current set of tools and help them evaluate new ones.

View when a technician is on the way


This app is designed to give the customer a notification when their Comcast technician is approaching the house. This includes a live map of the technicians route and status updates. I led design for the technician version fo the application as well as the customer-facing feature within the Xfinity My Account app. I utilized service design to showcase a map of the status and messaging across channels. I developed a prototype of the app and partnered with the UX Research team to do ethnographic field research and usability testing.

My key invention: a two-way feedback tool for the agent app – so technicians could see any updates to the app that launched and provide improvement suggestions.

Role: Lead Designer
Cross-Functional Collaborators: Product Management, User Research, Engineering

  • Read more from our Corporate blog here.

Xavier – your personal assistant


For the Internet & Television Expo (INTX) in Chicago, I join my colleagues Ross Staszak and Jon Moore to demo a concept we created for Comcast’s quarterly Lab Week. Each quarter, Comcast has a week that encourages employees the opportunity to work on projects of their choosing. As I have been primarily focused on Customer Experience (CX) and Self-Service work in the past year at Comcast, I wanted to work on a project that supported these efforts. I pulled together a small team of cross-disciplinary folks to build a proof of concept in one week for a Self-Service tool that helps customers manage, troubleshoot, and get information on their account. The concept is that a customer can interact with this system through two-way, text-based communication, enabling fast and personal solutions and answers without the aid of a live agent.

I led a team of 12 undergraduate development interns from Drexel to create a fully functional demo of the product. We integrated with the NLP tool DialogueFlow as well as our core service APIs to make real-time device and service troubleshooting and account management functionality. I crafted a ROI with the finance team and presented the concept to Senior Leadership in CX and Product Management.

Role: Inventor, Co-Op Program Lead
Cross-Functional Collaborators: CX, Engineering
You can watch our demo here!

Xfinity My Account app: manage your service with ease


Lead designer on a team of 6 cross-functional practitioners in the creation of the Xfinity My Account App, which helps customers manage and troubleshoot their services with ease. With over 18 million downloads, this was the primary account management touchpoint for Comcast Customers. I worked with Product Management and Engineering in Agile to deploy in 4 months. We did four rounds of UX research with Comcast customers to refine the design prior to launch. I presented this application widely with my product counterpart across the company and participated in many solution sessions with development and operations.

My key invention(s): Pushed to test early and often with four rounds of usability testing prior to our employee launch. Designed a way for help articles to be view only within the app so the experience stayed in one place. Influenced culture with regular team song mixes and other traditions, for the end of each release. Standardized the process of UX QA bug prioritization and grooming.

A streaming platform for HuffPost


Design for Huffington Post’s first 12-hour online streaming channel source for iPad. HuffPost Live is a platform for viewers to participate the news by having live conversation with the hosts. “Viewers are encouraged to explore content produced earlier in the day, and to chime in with text and video comments via a chat dialogue posted prominently on the [screen].” – Lauren Indvik, Mashable 
Worked as an User Experience designer, iterating on wireframes and strategy with a team of other creatives and engineers.

Role: Lead Designer
Cross-Functional Collaborators: Product Management, Engineering

Stream TV shows and movies on your mobile devices


The Xfinity TV app allows you to browse a programming guide and tune your TV to channels as well as On Demand content. It also now allows you to stream videos from a library of content.

Role: Lead Designer
Cross-Functional Collaborators: Product Management, User Research, Engineering

  • Refined requirements into use cases
  • High level interactions via wireframes
  • Incorporated findings from testing
  • Sat with dev to see the product through
  • Visual design enhancements
  • Streamlined team’s documentation

Download your recordings on the go


AnyPlay was Comcast’s first live TV streaming app. Users can watch live TV on their iPad’s through a device that connects to their home Wi-Fi router on the home network. I was the Senior Designer responsible for the feature design. I partnered with the development team and the product manager to take this to employee trial.

Barcelona TV Guide


Developed key features for Comcast next generation, tru2way-enabled set top boxes, to replace legacy hardware and software. Participated in usability sessions that informed designs and key use cases I defined in collaboration with Product Management. Led IA and Interaction design for features like Faceted Search, On Demand browse, on-screen Reminders and Favorite Channels.